Building Financial Foundations to Create Lasting Legacies

You Deserve Good Credit! 
Optimize your credit score, create a debt reduction system and generate wealth for future generations...
Our Mission
It is our mission here at House Rock Financial to assist you in reaching your financial goals through the improvement of your credit and increasing your credit score.

Having low or poor credit could place you in a position where you are unable to achieve your dreams! 

Having a low credit score can have a huge impact on buying a car, house, starting a business, getting insurance and even getting a job!  You could end up paying way more than necessary or worse, not even getting your dream job.

Everyone should have the credit and credit score that matches their goals, dreams and to live the life you deserve.  It is our mission to help you achieve your credit and financial goals.

3 Steps to Creating a Lasting Legacy

#1 - Build Your Financial FOUNDATION

#2 - BUY Your First Home

#3 - MULTIPLY - Purchase more real estate properties

It is through this FBM process that sets House Rock Financial apart from other credit repair companies.

We don't just want to help you repair your credit. If it is your goal to create multi-generational wealth and build a lasting legacy for your family, we can help you do that too.

Core Values
- Do the Right Thing - Every Time

- Improve Continuously

 - Go the Extra Mile

- Accept Responsibility

- Stay Humble, but Dream Big

- Teamwork

- Always Give Back

How It Works
 Sign Up - We give you a free credit consultation and analysis while we work with you to identify any negative items that are hurting your score.
 We Do the Work -  We use aggressive disputing tactics and strategies to challenge negative items on your credit report with the credit bureaus as well as educate you on how to use credit properly to speed the credit improvement process up. 
 Get Results -  Every 30 days, we are updating your encrypted portal with your credit improvement results. 
What To Expect






Do It Yourself Credit Repair


At House Rock Financial, we understand that not everyone wants to pay for credit repair. Yes, you CAN do it yourself (of course, you can also build your own house too, but most people don't do that either.)

We want to give you the option to start rebuilding your financial foundation on your own. Click below to learn more about our Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair.

Paid on Performance Credit Repair


enrollment/one time audit fee

You can sign up for our credit repair program with zero upfront fees. You can feel comfortable knowing that we will not charge you for the Enrollment Fee until 5 days after you enroll.

Below are the services included in our Initial Audit:

  • Provided with 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Negative Items Added to Database for Disputing
  • Provided with 15+ Page Intial Audit Report
  • 1st Round of Dispute Letters Created
  • Welcome Call Scheduled
  • Details of Consumers Rights

What we dispute:

  • Inaccurate Personal Information
  • Late Payments
  • Collections
  • Charge Offs
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures & Short Sales
  • Public Records (Bankruptcy, Tax Liens, etc.)


If we are unable to delete any negative items from your credit report in 180 days, we will refund your Enrollment Fee in full.

A deletion fee is invoiced for the complete deletion of an item. The deletion fees above are per item and per bureau. The deletion of ANY item from ANY bureau counts as ONE (1) deletion. The deletion of any account or public record from all three credit bureaus counts as THREE (3) deletions

Once you have a balance with us for the items that were deleted, you will be billed no more than $75 a month until your balance is paid off. You will not be required to pay off your balance in full. Example, if there are 6 collections deleted, we will send you an invoice of $300, in which you will be required to pay $75 a month for 4 months.

Our clients must also maintain an active credit monitoring service from all three credit bureaus. If the client doesn’t already have one, we will have them sign up for our preferred credit monitoring site which is $1 for the first 7 days and then $24.99 a month. More information can be found at

Therefore, the most a client would pay monthly is $100, which includes the $75 deletion fees and $24.99 a month for credit monitoring.


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